Sunday, May 10, 2009


#12 - The Call of Cthulhu: Yog Sothoth

According to the literature, Yog-Sothoth is a gate. An evil, living gate. For some reason, Yog-Sothoth is described as having the appearance of bubbles. That image wasn't flying with me, so I came up with my own concept.

After stamping the image on thick, plain paper, I colored with Prismacolors and fussy-cut, including the mouth, giving me a 'frame' or gate opening. I then went through my old National Geographics and cut out dark and eerie images... skulls, fire, men in gas masks, intestines... and mounted them behind the open mouth. I added a green bar on the bottom of the card, to give the appearance if his claws grabbing and glued down the Yog-Sothoth image.
This was my favorite of the Cthulhu mythos trio.

Cthulhu Sleeping

#11 - The Call of Cthulhu: Cthulhu Sleeping

This was three stamps. The two separate text arcs and Cthulhu. I stamped him in black on plain paper, colored him and fussy cut him out, gluing him to the water paper. I then added the texts.

Vote Cthulhu

#10 - The Call of Ctulhu: Vote Cthulhu!

This one was very basic. Carved the stamp and stamped.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Little Bill

#9 - My Child's Favorite TV Shows: Little Bill

At the time, Little Bill was actually my son Raziel's 2nd favorite TV show, but someone else had already picked Blue's Clues. Little Bill began as one stamp. I stamped his image on heavy, plain white paper and colored him with Prismacolors and fussy-cut him out. Then I cut his left arm off a bit past the elbow. BwaHaHa.
I then stamped just his arm and colored those followed by more fussy cutting.
While this was happening, I handed Raziel a piece of paper with the "Little Bill" logo along with a bunch of colored pencils and had him go to town. When he was done, I cut them all out and glued them to the striped paper.
Next, I glued the main image to the background paper and used a large needle to create a hole at the elbow on both the main image and the separate arms. Using a colored brad, I attached the arm, so it was jointed and could ::wave::.

TaDa! Lot's of work for a fairly simple card.


#8 - Hayao Miyazaki: Haku

Haku the dragon from Miyazaki's film, "Spirited Away". This one took some time. I started by stamping my image multiple times on plain white paper. Then, with Prismacolor pencils, I colored them all. I used three shades of teal for his mane and two shades of grey on his body. Someday, I'll post a tutorial on pencil coloring and shading. A good way to start practicing, believe it or not, is with crayons in a coloring book.
Next, I fussy cut him out of the paper, using an exacto knofe for the tiny interior holes and fringe-y areas of his mane and tail. This process took many days. I then glued them onto a lovely Asian themed cardstock and added ribbon and a 'jewel'.

I was really pleased with the final product, though all that fussy cutting darn near crippled my fingers.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Hanging Bat

#7 - Halloween Swap: Hanging Bat
I really loved making this card. The black and orange background paper was so perfect. The most interesting thing about this card was the moon. I printed out a bunch of photos of the moon to use behind the bat, but they looked too 'printed'. So, I found a very thin, white tissue paper and decoupaged the printed side down on the tissue, pressing firmly. Once that was almost dry, I went over the tissue side with a watered down cream colored acrylic paint to help bring the image through the tissue and add more of a moon color. Really fun card.


#6 - Jack's Moon
Stamped in black and purple inks, I went back with a yellow and silver watercolor and painted in the moon. Black glitter and beads on the top and bottom.

Haku and Tim

#5 - Tim Burton: Tim Burton
Again... poor photo... shiny stamp ink, well, it shines. Little corner stickers. Hole punched the holes to make a frame and threaded yarn through.

Moving on... I planted a new letterbox today! It's got one of my favorite carves, so I'm hoping people find and enjoy it often. The only bummer is... the place I planted it has a fee for use ($5 per person), but it's a really beautiful place... worth the cost. So, if you're in Bay area California, give "Haku" a hunt.


#4 - Ferdinand
This is Ferdinand the Bull. The image is from the Munro Leaf book, illustrated by Robert Lawson. I stamped the image with black and green stamp markers then added color to the flowers with Prismacolor pencils. The flowers began as icky tan colors, so I used a watered down magenta acrylic to paint them. After gluing the flowers in the corner, I added seed beads to the center.

Holy Spirit

#3 - Louis Comfort Tiffany: Holy Spirit

This one photographed poorly, as the paper is so shiny. This one was just stamped on the paper and colored in with Prismacolor pencils. It was quite a time consuming process, but I think it was worthwhile. The image is Tiffany's Holy Spirit Window.

Maxwell's Silver Hammer

#2 - The Beatles:Maxwell's Silver Hammer

This one started with the teal paper, meant to represent 'blackboard' ("She tells Max to stay when the class has gone away,
So he waits behind
Writing fifty times "I must not be
So, o, o, o..") and wrote "I must not be so" with a white, chalky pencil. I sprayed the surface with a fixative to keep the writing from smudging.
I wrinkled and softened up brown paper (paper bag) and cut it to size and added the hammer stamp in silver. With a very fine black Micron pen, I edged parts of the hammer to help it stand out from the paper. Last, I added rays in copper paint to give a 'iconic' feel.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Point and First LTC

My Mom kept wishing she could see my LTCs online... so I've succumbed and started this blog to share LBing stuff, LTCs and Life stuff. Any LTC I post is retired. Sorry. The numbers refer to the order in which they were created. Please enjoy, comment, ask questions.

#1 - Disney: Jack and Sally

Watercolor background paper, silver watercolor spirals, Sally colored with Prismacolor pencils, heart cut from National Geographic image of tombstones, lace across top and dimensional stickers in bottom corners