Sunday, May 10, 2009


#12 - The Call of Cthulhu: Yog Sothoth

According to the literature, Yog-Sothoth is a gate. An evil, living gate. For some reason, Yog-Sothoth is described as having the appearance of bubbles. That image wasn't flying with me, so I came up with my own concept.

After stamping the image on thick, plain paper, I colored with Prismacolors and fussy-cut, including the mouth, giving me a 'frame' or gate opening. I then went through my old National Geographics and cut out dark and eerie images... skulls, fire, men in gas masks, intestines... and mounted them behind the open mouth. I added a green bar on the bottom of the card, to give the appearance if his claws grabbing and glued down the Yog-Sothoth image.
This was my favorite of the Cthulhu mythos trio.

Cthulhu Sleeping

#11 - The Call of Cthulhu: Cthulhu Sleeping

This was three stamps. The two separate text arcs and Cthulhu. I stamped him in black on plain paper, colored him and fussy cut him out, gluing him to the water paper. I then added the texts.

Vote Cthulhu

#10 - The Call of Ctulhu: Vote Cthulhu!

This one was very basic. Carved the stamp and stamped.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Little Bill

#9 - My Child's Favorite TV Shows: Little Bill

At the time, Little Bill was actually my son Raziel's 2nd favorite TV show, but someone else had already picked Blue's Clues. Little Bill began as one stamp. I stamped his image on heavy, plain white paper and colored him with Prismacolors and fussy-cut him out. Then I cut his left arm off a bit past the elbow. BwaHaHa.
I then stamped just his arm and colored those followed by more fussy cutting.
While this was happening, I handed Raziel a piece of paper with the "Little Bill" logo along with a bunch of colored pencils and had him go to town. When he was done, I cut them all out and glued them to the striped paper.
Next, I glued the main image to the background paper and used a large needle to create a hole at the elbow on both the main image and the separate arms. Using a colored brad, I attached the arm, so it was jointed and could ::wave::.

TaDa! Lot's of work for a fairly simple card.


#8 - Hayao Miyazaki: Haku

Haku the dragon from Miyazaki's film, "Spirited Away". This one took some time. I started by stamping my image multiple times on plain white paper. Then, with Prismacolor pencils, I colored them all. I used three shades of teal for his mane and two shades of grey on his body. Someday, I'll post a tutorial on pencil coloring and shading. A good way to start practicing, believe it or not, is with crayons in a coloring book.
Next, I fussy cut him out of the paper, using an exacto knofe for the tiny interior holes and fringe-y areas of his mane and tail. This process took many days. I then glued them onto a lovely Asian themed cardstock and added ribbon and a 'jewel'.

I was really pleased with the final product, though all that fussy cutting darn near crippled my fingers.